NEW Pure Free City and Pure Free Step electric bikes – available for pre-order now

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Free City and Free Step electric bikes – step-through style e-bikes that boast ultimate practicality and style in an urban environment.

Pure Free City – The urban workhorse

Pure Free City is a true urban workhorse – an e-bike that makes regular commutes, daily errands and urban journeys easy. It embodies a classic step-through unisex town bike design with a modern twist.

Constructed with a powerful 250W rear hub motor, it delivers three simple power modes that cap the assisted speed at 15, 20, and 25km/h and a seven speed Shimano gear system. Free City is perfectly suited to the challenges of modern urban terrain, whether you're riding up hills, away from the lights or with a full load. It offers powerful and efficient assistance with easily selectable gears, putting the rider in control and ahead of traffic.

Free City is truly practical, with a 313Wh capacity battery conveniently placed in the pannier rack. It delivers up to 45km assisted range in normal, everyday conditions – ideal for daily use and commuting round trips – charging to full in six hours. Meanwhile, the pannier rack offers lots of luggage carrying flexibility for those with additional storage needs.

Free City’s frame is built using high quality aluminium alloy, ideal for the trials of daily use in all conditions, and comes with a three year manufacturer warranty. The e-bike is also fully stocked with all essential city accessories too - a chain guard keeps your trouser and long skirt hems protected from oil marks, while road spray in wet conditions is kept at bay thanks to built-in mudguards.

Pure Free Step (L) and Pure Free City (R) e-bikes

When you ride Free City, you’re placed in a relaxed position with a clear view of the environment around you, and a specially selected Selle Royal saddle and ergonomic handlebars provide lots of adjustment to find the perfect fit. Free City offers a comfortable, easy ride experience for everyone from seasoned bike riders to those rediscovering travelling on two wheels.

A sturdy kickstand enables easy parking when out and about, while built-in front and rear lights come fitted as standard, powered by the onboard battery, making you more visible to other road and cycle path users at night and in poor conditions.

Pure Free Step (L) and Pure Free City (R)

Plus, high quality tyres are fitted as standard so you get excellent grip in all weathers, with a tread pattern that’s ideal for ever-changing road conditions.

Pure Free Step – Ultimate city chic

Alongside Free City, Free Step embodies a chic, stylish design that looks amazing in any setting. Taking its cues from traditional Dutch-style step-through e-bikes, it features a striking white paint finish with tan-coloured handlebar grips and Selle Royal saddle, plus a practical front basket for convenient storage. Pure Free Step electric bike

With a tweaked rider position that puts you in the most relaxed position of any Pure e-bike, Free Step shares the same array of features found on the Free City, including a powerful 250W rear hub motor, up to 45km range, and the key accessory package that makes it ready to ride right out of the box.

Free test rides

Pure Free City and Pure Free Step are available in store for free test rides. If you would like to test ride one, get in touch with our flagship store to find out availability.

Both Pure Free City and Pure Free Step are available for order today, with both retailing at £1,099.

Buy the new Pure Free City e-bike now

Buy the new Pure Free Step e-bike now