NEW Pure Air Go and UPDATED Pure Air and Pure Air Pro electric scooters launch – available to buy now!

We are delighted to launch the brand new Pure Air Go electric scooter, alongside second-generation Pure Air and Pure Air Pro models – and you can buy yours now online and in Pure Electric stores nationwide!

The new 2021 e-scooters build on the foundations of last year’s Pure Air and Pure Air Pro, which both set new standards in e-scooter design. The second generation has been designed to meet your needs, with exciting improvements on show.

NEW Pure Air Go

Pure Air Go makes high quality, everyday electric scooting more attainable than ever before, thanks to its great value RRP of just £349. It marks the new ‘entry-level’ for Pure e-scooters, but there’s nothing entry-level about the specs!

It headlines with a reliable, tried and tested 350W rated motor, mounted at the rear wheel for great traction. It can deliver strong thrust power when the going gets tough, but power delivery is designed to be smooth and very controllable, enabling first-time owners and beginners to get to grips with e-scooting in the safest way possible, without sacrificing real-world performance.

Three easily selectable power modes from the clear centrally-mounted display makes ride customisation a doddle, and a 20km one-charge range with a fast 3.5 hour recharge time.

Pure Air Go doesn't cut corners to achieve its amazing price - it comes waterproof to IP65 standard (just like the first generation Pure Air and Pure Air Pro), making it perfect for wet weather riding. The frame is made of durable steel with the strength to support a total 120kg load – ideal for larger riders with backpacks!

It features ride-improving 10in air-filled tyres with puncture prevention fluid pre-installed for an optimal blend of grip and reliability, while braking is delivered safely and powerfully through a combination of a mechanical front brake and an energy regenerative electronic rear brake.

It can be easily packed down and stowed away, and it also synchronises with Pure’s companion app, which provides additional ride data and handy servicing reminders.

Pure Air Go is available in Black and Grey from today for just £349.

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Updated Pure Air and Pure Air Pro

Excitingly, alongside Pure Air Go comes the second-generation Pure Air and Pure Air Pro models, which have been improved using real customer feedback!

Pure Air and Pure Air Pro are now fitted with an upgraded 500W rated motor (up 43% on the previous models), making them the most powerful e-scooters in their class. This means that hill climbing and acceleration has been significantly improved since the previous generation models.

Power delivery remains easily controllable, while Pure Air can now achieve a range of up to 30km, while it now features a handy USB charge port for a rider’s smartphone mounted directly onto the handlebar.

The second-generation Pure Air Pro sees the inclusion of a larger battery cell that can produce up to 50km range – a 28% increase on the first-generation model – which makes it perfect for longer and more rides between charges. Additionally, it benefits from a premium ‘click-lock’ advanced locking mechanism, designed to make pack down and assembly even quicker and easier, while holding the stem in place more securely when on the move.

Of course, you also benefit from the same durable steel frame quality and hallmark 120kg load limit, full water resistance for wet weather riding and Pure’s one-year comprehensive warranty coverage.

At launch, the second-generation Pure Air and Air Pro e-scooters are available in Black and Grey, retailing at £449 and £599 respectively.

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