New Ninebot E25E arrives in UK to replace ES2 – Buy E25E and E22E now

Ninebot – the offshoot brand of mobility powerhouses Segway – has launched its new E25E e-scooter, with improved max climb angle, refreshed display and an improved battery capacity.

It arrives following the Ninebot E22E electric scooter launch earlier this year, replacing the popular ES2 in the Ninebot range for 2021.

Marginal gains
Where last month Xiaomi launched its replacements for the leading M365 and M365 Pro e-scooters without really touching the specs underneath, Ninebot has chosen to apply some small improvements to keep its e-scooter competitive with the competition.

Now, Ninebot claims that the maximum climbing angle has been improved from 10% to 15%, thanks mainly due to an uprated battery unit that now packs in 215Wh – up from the 187Wh capacity seen in the ES2. Unlike many e-scooters, the battery cells are integrated into the vertical steerer tube, which gives improved levels of clearance between the 9-inch wheels and deck.

The display has also seen an upgrade. Set neatly into the stem section with an easy-to-press single button interface, it provides important ride metrics such as speed, ride distance and battery level. And, with safety a key concern, Ninebot has upgraded the E25E’s reflectors (fitting special E-MARK certified units), and fitted powerful E-MARK LED lights for greater visibility too.

The E25E e-scooter features a 300W motor that can power it up to 25km/h (15.5mph), weighs in at 14.3kg (making it fairly easy to carry around if you need to), and has a usefully quick four hour claimed full recharge time which will help those needing a relatively fast turnaround.

Handily, you can also pull the same trick that you used to be able to do with the ES2, by adding a battery unit that ups the achievable range and the available power from the motor. This effectively turns it into the upcoming Ninebot E45E, which we’re likely to see in the near future.

Other key specs include 9-inch wheels fitted with dual-density solid tyres, designed to shave a little weight and improve ride quality while removing the possibility of punctures, and a front shock absorber that is said to improve ride comfort over small obstacles.

Those who like to customise their ride are catered for too. Riders can operate the E25E e-scooter in three different power modes with a cruise control functionality, and customise under deck lighting using the Ninebot companion app.

It also comes with tri-brake system, with an electronic brake housed in the front wheel motor, a rear magnetic brake activated by a press lever on the handlebar, and a rear foot brake. The electronic brake also doubles as an energy regeneration device to drip feed charge back into the battery.

Water resistance is rated at 4 on the IP scale, which means that it’ll deliver protection against splashes only, rather rather than rain or standing water.

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The Ninebot E25E is available now, alongside the E22E on You can find out more and buy both by following the links below.

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