Five great reasons to get a kids electric scooter this summer!

July 30th 2020

With the school holidays now upon us, there are a number of new summer conundrums to think about in terms of how we get around. Many of us are still trying to stay off public transport and out of our cars whenever possible, in a bid to stay safe and to preserve our new-found improved air quality.

Whether you're at home or having a British staycation, here are five reasons why a kid’s electric scooter could be a great investment this summer.

1. Fun

The school holidays are often about finding enough entertainment for your children. This summer many usual sources of entertainment will either remain closed, or be at restricted capacity, which makes ‘getting out and about’ a more frequent activity.

One thing that’s sure to make this more fun is a kid’s electric scooter. They’re nippy, easy to use and some models have flashing lights; kids love them!

2. Helping kids keep up

Whether you’re trying to do a bit of your own exercise or are just out doing chores with your children, having a vehicle that enables your child to keep up with you can be a Godsend. With the help of lower powered motors kids will be able to ride alongside you as you walk, jog or run, (and you won’t hear the dreaded “Mummy/Daddy, I’m tired…” whinge!) 

Remember of course, personal e-scooters of any kind must only be ridden on private land with the landowner’s permission.

3. Holiday space savers

When packing the car for a holiday, be it a weekend away or a fortnight’s trip, it can be a real challenge to fit everything in that the whole family needs. When you account for your children’s bikes too, you can be left with precious little space for much else!

With a kids e-scooter, that problem is largely forgotten thanks to its small dimensions. Often easily foldable to take up much less storage space then a regular bike, a kids e-scooter could be the perfect low-volume solution to your packing problem. 

4. Lower-powered motors for controlled fun

Kids e-scooters are very much like downsized versions of their adult counterparts: smaller and with less power and lower top speeds. This makes them safer to ride than larger e-scooters, providing all the fun of e-scooting but in a more controlled manner.

Razor e-scooters, for example, are built with a range of suitable motors that provide enough power and acceleration to be fun to use, while enabling your child to stay in control.

5. Gateway to the future 

With e-scooter legislation reform in process thanks to trials for adult e-scooters, a kids e-scooter is a great way – in addition to a bike – to expose children to new and exciting forms of clean transport.

An e-scooter can also encourage a child to stay outdoors more in the here and now, benefitting their health and wellbeing, and taking them away from the dreaded games console, iPad or television!

Please note: All privately-owned electric scooters must only be ridden on private land, with the landowner’s permission.

Check out our range of kids e-scooters.

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