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Essential accessories that can boost electric scooter rider safety

August 11th 2020

We believe that electric scooters are the most exciting transport solution to emerge for decades, but as we explore them and learn to integrate them into our lives, it’s important to make sure that we remain safe when we ride them.

These are our top five essential accessories that can really help boost e-scooter rider safety, whether you’re riding on private land or taking part in the UK Government’s current e-scooter trial schemes nationwide.

If there’s one accessory that we consider truly essential for safer e-scooting, it’s a helmet. Although we all do our best to avoid accidents, having a layer of protection around your head can be the difference between suffering some scraped elbows and knees, or something far harder to recover from.

The extra coverage layer on your head can provide vital energy absorption in the event of a crash, while we also think that wearing a helmet is a useful constant reminder to ourselves to take care when riding.

At the same time, for the current trials held across the UK, helmets are strongly recommended to be worn by all riders.

View Adults Helmets
View Kids Helmets

See and be seen. Although e-scooters tend to come equipped with built-in lights, accessorising these with additional units can make a real difference to how much you can see in dim light, as well as how easily you can be seen.

A powerful additional front light that can easily attach to your handlebars can make identifying hazards easier, while a bright rear light – preferably with a flash setting – will help to make you more visible to those behind you. Remember: the higher the lumen output of a light, the brighter they shine!

Find our range of lights here

High visibility clothing
Lights aside, the next best way to improve your visibility to others is to wear some high-visibility clothing (or at the very least, clothing that is bright and colourful).

With a high-visibility jacket, you can kill two birds with one stone by giving yourself some wind and rain protection, while boosting your visibility in all conditions. Look out for the classic high-vis colours like yellow and orange, as well as jackets featuring reflective materials that ‘light up’ when a light shines upon them.

Check out our Hi Vis Vest that can be worn over your normal clothing

Tyre pump
We know that the best way to avoid punctures is to make sure that your tyre pressures are maintained regularly – but suffering a sudden puncture can be a dangerous experience too. If you’re unlucky enough to suffer a sudden puncture that causes instant deflation, it can result in instability and loss of control, which if you’re travelling at 25km/h could cause an accident.

This means that investing in and using a quality pump to maintain tyre pressures is a real must – saving both the headache of mending a puncture as well as helping to keep you riding more safely.

Find out more about the Topeak Mini Dual DX Pump with Gauge

Keeping your e-scooter in perfect working order is a key factor of maximising your safety when riding it. Over time, nuts and bolts can work their way loose, while components like brakes might need some tweaking to ensure that they’re working as well as they can.

Of course, you might want to leave some maintenance jobs to your local Pure Electric store technician during your regular service, but it can be really handy to be able to perform simple tasks that are crucial to riding safely without handing over your e-scooter or taking a special trip to a store to have it fixed. Here, a multitool can stand you in good stead for simple but essential maintenance tasks.

Discover our full range of accessories here

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