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Electric Scooter - Buying Versus Hiring

December 3rd 2018

The benefits of buying an electric scooter over hiring
With the emergence of electric scooter hire companies in more and more towns and cities worldwide (including London's Olympic Park) you might think that the easiest way to get to ride a scooter is to use one of these services. We think however that our arguments for buying over hiring below will change your mind...

Cheaper to buy than rent
One of the first and most important considerations is cost. Buying your own electric scooter of course involves an initial outlay but you’d be surprised at how quick the payback can be when compared to the costs of renting.

To give you a working example, renting a Bird scooter in London’s Olympic Park (November 2018) costs £1 to unlock and then 20 pence per minute after that. Our Xiaomi M365 electric scooter costs £399 so if you used it 4 times a week for 10 minutes each time then in just 33 weeks you’d be better off buying.

Next we believe the biggest benefit of having your own electric scooter is that it’s hassle-free. Those people who hire will be wasting time searching for a rental one, messing around with apps and maps trying to locate one. Yours will be with you right away and, what’s more, you know that it is fully charged and ready to roll.

Fit for use, well maintained and safe

Other advantages of owning an electric scooter over hiring one are that with your own you know that it is fit for use, well maintained and safe. More importantly you’ll know how to use it – after all electric scooters vary greatly in terms of the type of brakes and braking distances, acceleration and top speed and power for climbing hills.

Make a statement
Electric scooters are going to be the next big trend in short-trip travel and already are fast gaining popularity with early adopters. If you’re one of these visionaries and also want to make a statement there are huge customisation options available – from adding everything from seats and indicators to mirrors and mobile phone holders. You can even add your very own custom livery!

A final word...
If you’re anything like us then you’ll like to own things, take pride in them and make them unique to you. Add to that the cost saving and convenience benefits over renting and the argument for buying over hiring your electric scooter becomes even stronger.

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