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Can You Guess Which Celebrities Use Electric Scooters?

July 3rd 2019
As electric scooters gain popularity worldwide, it's only natural that a multitude of figures in the public eye have been spotted riding one. After all, they're an extremely convenient and fun way to get from A to B whilst looking great and remaining unflustered and cool.

Here’s our pick of a few out of many celebrities who are championing e-scooters. From pop stars to actors and more - were you able to guess that any of these were electric scooter fans?

Pure Scooters Celebrities On Electric Scooters+

Sam Smith

The ‘Stay With Me’ singer has been spotted in the US having his share of fun riding an electric scooter. Where they're legal in the states, Sam has been one of the many happy riders to enjoy using e-scooter rental services in order to help him get about conveniently. 

As an advocate of the Bird rental service, it's most likely that Sam Smith would ride a Xiaomi M356 scooter. The best selling e-scooter globally that even celebrities can’t resist. It is low cost, compact and extremely high power, making it the perfect all-rounder e-scooter. Find out more here.

Ashton Kutcher

There's one subject the comedy actor and TV prankster doesn't joke around about - electric scooters. A pioneer of electric scooters, he's been extremely outright with his views about them or more so regarding the laws surrounding them. We agree with Ashton when he's said that e-scooters would make the world a better place. They’re green and reduce congestion and pollution dramatically. Electric scooters really are the future of green travel.

Jaden Smith

The face of the Gen Z generation, Jaden knows the future when he sees it. Which is why it was no surprise to see him riding one right from the offset. With Will Smith as a father, Jaden doesn’t do things by halves. He rode his eccentric electric scooter with a suitcase attached weaving in and out of fans and paparazzi at LAX - who were all understandably in awe. 

Gordon Ramsay

Finally - something the hard-nosed TV chef likes. There's no denying that Gordon has fine taste, so who can blame him for turning his hand to electric scooters. See him in action riding around Auckland here.

Riding a Lime scooter means Gordon was more than likely riding a Ninebot Segway ES2. Find out more here about the e-scooter that managed to break his perpetual frown.

Justin Bieber

Love him or hate him, one thing you can't fault Justin Bieber for is his choice of transport. He's been spotted frequently taking to the streets of California on his electric scooter. See the pop star riding here. 

Chad Smith

The drummer of the legendary band Red Hot Chilli Peppers is known for being an advocate of electric scooters. The rock and roll royalty has posted content on his Instagram of him riding around his drums on his e-scooter. As another fan of Bird, he too would most likely be a fan of a Xiaomi scooter. But due to his pro status, maybe it is more fitting he got a Xiaomi Pro! Follow his lead and register your interest for the long-awaited scooter here.

These are just a few of the celebrities who are fans of electric scooters. As the popularity of e-scooters grows we are sure to see this number grow exponentially. Find out more here about joining the electric scooter community. 

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