Boosted Rev – First ride and review

Boosted Rev – from the stable of the World famous micro mobility brand Boosted comes a scooter you may well have heard mentioned, or seen online. Ever wondered what the hype was all about?  

We managed to get our hands on a model, and after giving it a thorough test (oh and how we enjoyed it) we thought we would share our initial impressions and thoughts with you.

Despite becoming a renowned name in the micro mobility market via their electric skateboards, this is Boosted’s first foray into the electric scooter arena. They obviously understand the importance of branding; from the moment the non-descript brown cardboard box is removed, you are presented with a gloriously Boosted branded box with all the key specs and details that are unique to the Rev.

Upon opening the box you are greeted by the Boosted Rev. Visually, the first thing that hits you is the quality of the finish the scooter has - a very premium feeling soft matte, gunmetal grey surrounds the main stem. The materials are solid and well made, just what you would expect from a scooter of this price point.

Once out the box and set up, our first surprise is the controller. Boosted have clearly taken the inspiration for this from their electric skateboards. A roll wheel is how you get the scooter to accelerate, and then a pulling action in the opposite direction activates the electronic brake. It feels great and works well. Time and distance ridden will let us know if this is a comfortable method of controlling the scooter, but our initial reaction is definitely positive. 

The display at the top of the stem shows your speed, battery life and ride mode. The information is bright, clear and easy to read. Like many displays on electric scooters the information available is limited and is a nice novelty but soon becomes mostly irrelevant. We are waiting for the day when these displays can show GPS, Google maps, or something cool like that. In the meantime – the Boosted is as good as any other we’ve seen.

On our first ride on the scooter you notice the power straight away. Obviously, we put it to the highest available performance setting from the off. This scooter has 1,500W of power coming from the dual motor setup, a 750W motor in each wheel. This provides rapid acceleration - your 0-15mph time is under 2 seconds! The scooter will continue accelerating up to 26 Mph. Going flat out is definitely something you should only do on very smooth ground. The lack of suspension and very firm, yet air filled, tyres provides a hard ride that will take some getting used to.

If, like us, you enjoy riding around flat out, regardless of terrain this scooter is ideal. It’ll quench your thirst for speed and excitement, whilst also harbouring a battery that’ll comfortably give you up to 24 miles of range per charge.

Now, what we really appreciate with the Boosted Rev, is that the estimated range per charge actually turned out to be accurate – with a lot of electric vehicles, these stats can sometimes feel overstated, or only true in absolute perfect test conditions – it’s fair to say that in the weekend we test rode the Boosted, the conditions were less than perfect and included going full speed, 70% was riding up hills whilst carrying multiple bags. I think a fair assumption would be that you could get 18-20 miles out of this scooter no matter how you ride it.

Some of the obvious questions we ask ourselves before we stock a new line of electric scooters include - who is this scooter for? Who should be considering it? Is it the scooter for you?

First off the scooter isn’t cheap, it’s currently £1,600 - but we felt having ridden it extensively that it does give good value for money. The Rev feels expensive and delivers the power of a high-end scooter. It gives you the feeling of being uncompromising. The scooter just works. It will get you up that incline, it can take a heavy weight load, it has the range to take you miles and be used as a very useful vehicle. Finally, it has the speed which adds the final element of fun making these scooters unique. We approve.