Bikmo’s top tips on buying electric bike insurance

Sometimes it’s impossible to protect your e-bike from the world, which is why there’s specific e-bike insurance out there to make sure you’re covered in case you ride into a spot of bad luck.

With the help of Bikmo, the bike insurance specialists, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on what you should be looking out for when purchasing insurance for your e-bike.

Why do you need e-bike insurance?
The first topic most people bring up when talking about e-bike insurance is whether their e-bike is covered on their home insurance policy. For some, it might be, but it’s definitely worth checking your existing policy wording to ensure that it is.

However, although home insurance policy premiums might be affected by making a claim for a damaged or stolen e-bike, if you have specific e-bike insurance, it won’t affect your other premiums.

To help, we've listed a few areas below which you should double check to make sure your e-bike is insured on your home insurance policy:

What cover should you be looking for?
Your insurance policy needs to do the bare minimum and cover you for accidental damage, theft and vandalism, as these are the most likely reasons why people claim*. But, cycle specific insurance can cover you for so much more.

Also, insurers like Bikmo will cover you for a 25% lower premium*** if it's an e-bike that you are insuring.

Different levels of cover
Sometimes you don’t need all the cover in the world, so that’s why some insurers give you different options. Bikmo offers three cover options: Go, Plus and Race. These options vary depending on the level of cover you choose.

You want to be protected by a company you can trust, a few ways to find out if they’re the one for you is by simply checking the three points below:

Policy requirements
Make sure you get stuck into the nitty gritty sections of the policy wording, so you’ll have peace of mind that you’re getting exactly what you need. Don’t forget to give the e-bike insurer a call to confirm any questions you have.

A specific area of the wording you should look for is the locking requirements. You might need to purchase a specific grade of ‘Sold Secure’ lock depending on the value of your e-bike.

E-bike insurance designed for you
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E-bike riders also benefit from up to 25% lower premium*** for electric bikes over ordinary pedal bikes with Bikmo.

Grab yourself 14 days free insurance on an e-bike purchased with Pure Electric so you can start riding worry-free. You must activate your free insurance within 7 days of purchase of your e-bike.

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*Statistics based on Bikmo’s Open Project findings
**As per Bikmo’s findings in their e-bike survey responses
***minimum premiums apply