Bike Week 2020 spotlight: Orbea Gain F40 Electric Hybrid Bike

This week, to celebrate National Bike Week #BikeIsBest campaign, Pure Electric is uncovering the diversity of e-bikes with some of the highlights of our rapidly growing e-bike range.  

With the recent accelerated investment by the UK Government to improve provisions for bike and e-bike use across the country, we know that now is the perfect time to rediscover cycling with a new e-bike. Each day, we’ll highlight an e-bike designed for a specific need, so that you can get a better idea of which kind could be right for you! 

To open the week we’re bringing you the lowdown on the Orbea Gain F40 Electric Hybrid Bike 2020  a svelte and stylish urban e-bike. 

Day One: Orbea Gain F40 Electric Hybrid Bike 

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Day Three: Brompton M6L 6 Speed Electric Folding Bike

Day Four: Scott Sub Cross eRide 20 Electric Hybrid Bike 

Day Five: Gtech Sports and City Hybrid Electric Bikes

Orbea Gain F40

Premium urban style 

What if you could have all the style of a cool urban flat bar bike, but with the helping hand at your back as an electric motor makes your pedalling easier? Well, that’s where the Orbea Gain F40 e-bike comes to the fore. 

Designed in the Basque Country by one of the most famous brands in the sport of cycling, the Gain F40 blends sleek urban styling with an incredibly compact motor and battery system from renowned specialists EbikemotionIt’s the product of Orbea’s ‘Enough Power’ and ‘Enough Energy’ concepts, with the idea being to provide useful levels of assistance without dominating the ride. 

As a result, the Gain F40 is equally an e-bike for cycling enthusiasts as it is for those wanting to get around town or get their daily exercise while looking smart.  

Ebikemotion’s e-bike motor system is as minimalist as they come, but that doesn’t mean that you miss out on power. The rear hub-mounted motor delivers up to 250W of assistance when the highest power mode is selected from the smart, top tube-integrated control interface, while you get minimal resistance when the motor is switched off. 

Perhaps more impressive is the battery cellWhere most integrated battery units attach to the bottom side of a downtube (or fit externally to attachment ports on the frame itself), the Ebikemotion cell truly fits inside the downtube, presenting a sleek and svelte silhouette while adding minimal weight. 

Performance under the skin 

Despite being a svelte, almost classic-looking e-bike, the Gain F40 also boasts some serious performance credentials. A carbon fork – a premium feature usually found on road bikes  has been fitted to help sharpen the handling characteristics, while simultaneously helping to reduce road buzz through the handlebars, improving comfort.  

The frame has also been constructed to provide an accessible-yet-exciting ride. Made using hydroformed aluminium, it blends road bike performance with urban accessibility thanks to the comfortable flat handlebars. 

Meanwhile, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and 9-speed groupset provide plenty of controllable stopping power and reliable shifting respectively, ensuring that after you ride up hills, you can descend safely again too. 

What this means is that the Orbea Gain F40 is a multi-talented e-bike. It’s equally capable as looking good riding through the city as it is backing you when you want to get out and enjoy a longer ride to improve your fitness.  

The bottom line 

The Orbea Gain F40 strikes a rare balance between stylish urban commuter and weekend fitness bike. Its integrated design is among the most compact around, producing an e-bike that scarcely looks like one, yet you get all the benefit of integrated electric pedal assistance with it. 

You can check out the Orbea Gain F40 Electric Hybrid Bike here, while if you’d like to find out a little more about Orbea, view our dedicated Orbea brand page.

Come back tomorrow for our next National Bike Week e-bike spotlight for the e-MTB rider: the Haibike SDuro Hardseven 5.0 Electric Mountain Bike.