5 top tips to look after your e-bike battery – ride further and for longer

Perfect for whether you’ve just bought a brand new e-bike or already own one, these five easy tips will help you to maintain the health of your battery, improving your e-bike’s range with each ride and the battery’s long term lifespan. Win-win!

1. Keep your battery topped up

Almost every e-bike is fitted with lithium-ion batteries, which are best kept topped up to improve their life – in fact, completely draining these kinds of batteries all the time can damage them.

Our general advice is to charge your battery up at every opportunity, not letting it drop and stay below 50% too often. This will keep the battery working most efficiently, and the capacity higher for longer, resulting in the longest lasting range.


2. Let the battery cool before charging

It’s often easiest to remember to plug your e-bike in as soon as you finish using it. If you can though, let the battery cool a little first (for around 15 minutes) before sticking it on charge.

Why? Battery systems tend to charge most efficiently when they’re not still warm from immediate use. You may not notice a difference in the short term, but longer term this can lead to reduced loss in battery capacity with age.


3. Charge to your indicator

When you want to see if your battery charge cycle is complete, your e-bike will have an indicator to show it. This might be on the charger, on the battery itself, or shown on any display that you might have, depending on your specific e-bike. It’s worth waiting for this indicator to show a full battery, rather than assuming that it is charged after a set amount of time.

IMPORTANT: Always use the charger provided with your e-bike, which is specific to your model. It will charge the battery at the optimum power level that it has been designed for. Even if you own another charger that looks similar and fits into the socket on your battery or e-bike, don’t be tempted to use it.


4. Keep your battery away from temperature extremes

You can still ride your e-bike in hot or cold temperatures without risking damaging the battery. However, it’s best to keep batteries in moderate temperature ranges whenever you can.

Batteries don’t work well if regularly stored in extremes of hot and cold temperatures, either discharging more quickly or failing to fully charge when you plug them in. Naturally, this will reduce battery performance, and over time, reduce life.

If you can, when the weather’s hot try to charge your battery in a cool place to avoid the risk of overheating. When it’s cold (around freezing temperatures), try to charge and store the battery in something closer to room temperature.

5. Store your battery charged

If you find yourself not using your e-bike for a few weeks or longer, try to leave it charged. Each battery manufacturer and e-bike brand tend to recommend something different, but a good rule of thumb that’s easy to remember is to fully charge your battery, then occasionally charge it again to top it up.

For specific advice related to your model of e-bike, it’s worth checking your e-bike manufacturer’s manual or online material.

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What about electric scooter batteries?

If you own an e-scooter, the great news is that the battery technology is the same as you’ll find in an e-bike, so the care tips listed here are just as useful to you too!

In general, it’s important to take care of your e-scooter battery to get the best out of it. Recharge it often to avoid keeping it in a state of low charge, always use the manufacturer supplied charger when charging, and – if you can – allow the battery to cool a little before sticking it on charge.

At the same time, try to keep your e-scooter battery away from extremes in temperature, especially when charging (exposure to direct sunlight, for example, can create a lot of heat). This can help safeguard against reduced performance and life, and reduce the risk of overheating.

Need any more advice or have a specific question about battery care or your e-bike or e-scooter? Drop our team an email at help@pureelectric.com.